Midwest Aeration Inc.


Providing not just services but solutions for all your septic aeration troubles

Midwest Aeration sets itself apart from the rest of the competition by treating your entire drain field, effectively rejuvenating the life and performance of your septic system. The process will increase your effective absorption and evaporation square footage area by three to six times what it originally was. We can restore even the most clogged or impacted leach fields to their originally functioning capacity in half a day or less. Our patented equipment is light-weight and lawn friendly, making little to no damage to your surrounding landscaping.

Our equipment utilizes a long, skinny probe and pneumatic hammer that penetrates the soil to up to six feet. It then pushes air into the soil at a controllable rate using a special high-pressure compressor that creates a network of fissures and cracks, which break up the biomat that has formed along the walls of the trenches, and loosens, compacted soil in your leach field.

As this probe penetrates the soil, a second system infuses both air and polystyrene pellets into the newly created fissures. This maintains the passages for the percolation of liquids away from the trenches. By the end of half a day, the process is over, and damage to your lawn in non-existant. Standing water will disappear with our beneficial slow drainage techniques, and your lawn should be as good as new within two to three days.

For unclogging techniques and leach field repair that leaves your lawn intact and for more efficient, cleaner, and affordable methods that work, contact Midwest Aeration. We will get the job done right.